Rhyme Online

Rhyme Online

You`ve had the thought, you`ve found the site,
You just need to know if the price is right.

The price for a personalised rhyme for you,
For a wedding, a christening, or a birthday or two.

A rhyme that is yours, a one off, unique,
Not something thats been copied, and given a tweak.

A one off original, to keep or to give,
To a loved one, a friend, or display where you live.

All events and occasions, each moment in time,
We will put pen to paper, and write you a rhyme.

A short one, a long one, comical or straight,
You can be sure of one thing, your rhyme will be great.

So sit back relax, and enjoy your time here,
Make yoursellf a coffee, or go grab a beer.

Feel free to browse this site, and please take your time,
I`m sure you won`t regret, the day you found,