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Rhyme Online Price List 2018

Up to 8 lines of text, suitable for greetings cards etc -------- 20

All short rhymes, up to 16 lines of text -------- 25

All long rhymes, up to 24 lines of text -------- 35

All invitations in rhyme, for weddings, parties, etc --- 40

"Story Rhymes"
This is where a client gives details of dates, places, people, events, funny stories etc which in turn are written into a personalised rhyme for them.
Any occasion or event catered for, a truly personal unique gift for a wedding, engangement, retirement or 18th Birthday, to name just a few.
The length of the Story Rhyme depends on the amount of information given by the client they wish to be included.

Prices start from 50.

Please contact us for a personal quote on your Story Rhyme from Rhyme Online.

Speeches for weddings in rhyme or any other event are also available.

Prices start from 60.

Rhyme Online accept international orders, not just orders from the U.K.