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Below is an example of a Speech written in Rhyme.
This speech was written for a Masonic Ladies evening
and includes all the details that the client provided.

(This rhyme is displayed on this website by kind permission of Mr Paul McKenzie)

Masonic Ladies Evening Speech

As I stand here tonight, it gives me great pleasure,
I wish their was a device, that I could use to measure.
Measure the kindness the ladies have shown,
Letting us out to our meetings, and leaving them all alone.
But this is THEIR evening, so lets do it right,
The ladies are looking wonderful, for us lucky gentlemen tonight.
I am delivering this speech, to the ladies who are sat,
But especially to our masters lady, and her name is Pat.
Born in Llandudno, a place by the sea,
With two other sisters, in her family.
There was Pat, there was Tina, and also Denise,
Three girls together .… there was never any peace.
But there wasn’t enough fun, in Wales, to be had,
So they moved to Maidstone, Kent, due to the work of their dad.
Christopher his name, one of those true gentlemen,
He is apparently a descendent of Sir Christopher Wren.
Growing up Pat, had lots of energy, to expend,
So Maidstone Athletics Club, she used to attend.
She had many male admirers, but mostly from afar,
They couldn’t catch up to her, it was quite bizarre.
Back in those days, Pat liked a drink,
If you look at her today, you really wouldn’t think.
Think that anything good, could ever come of this.
But in the London Tavern Pub, is where she met, husband Chris.
The year 67, it was love at first sight,
She was his princess and he was her knight.
They grew close together, as two people should be,
Then three years later, Chris got down on one knee.
He asked for Pats hand in marriage, for her to be his wife,
To love and respect each other, for the rest of their life.
Now 37 years later, and still going strong,
They are the definition of two people, who really do belong.
Parenthood followed and Pat became a mother,
Giving birth to sons Ian, and Tommy the other.
Tommy the sportsman, at roller hockey he was keen,
A bit of an expert, he played for England at thirteen.
Not forgetting Ian, I raise my glass for a toast,
He has recently got married, off the Caribbean coast.
Not being content looking after children of her own,
Pat became a childminder, and entered the world of the unknown.
For eight and a half years, the children were never bored,
They had fun everyday, and were never ignored.
Pat loves her dancing, she’s been doing it since age three,
Be it Ballet, or Tap, commitments the key.
She’s done choreography, a spot of teaching too,
She even set Chris up, on his dancing debut.
Trying to teach him the Charleston, she wouldn’t accept defeat,
She couldn’t come to terms with both his left feet.
Even doing the Waltz, it was quite profound,
She had to take control, and guide poor Chris round.
During their years together, there’s been a story or two,
And if you give me a moment, id like to tell you a few.
We will start in the kitchen, its as good a place as any,
Where meals are prepared and Pat has cooked many.
But on this one occasion she had given it a miss,
The lack of food in front of him, had really upset Chris.
Venting his anger, he pulled down the glass lid,
Attached to the gas cooker, he was sorry that he did.
As after making a meal to sit down and scoff,
With the gas still turned on, it blew the glass lid off.
Then one Sunday lunchtime, Chris had his regrets,
He popped out to the shops, to buy cigarettes.
But time it did pass, and Chris didn’t return,
Pat cooking his dinner, was filled with concern.
So plating up his lunch, and all on her own,
Started to walk, halfway across Maidstone.
Straight to the Cricketers, a wonderful pub,
She burst in through the door, and served him his grub.
The other lads in the pub, could not believe Pat,
Had in her anger, just gone and done that.
The name Scatty Batty, is how Pat’s sometimes known,
If she is ever near your lawn, then don’t leave her alone.
As when Chris was abroad on one of his deeds,
Pat tried to rid the lawn, of all of its weeds.
By using the wrong product, the mistake had been made,
The lawn was now dead, and had to be re laid.
What used to be green, was now more of a black,
Chris noticed straight away, as soon as he got back.
There are two other people important to Pat,
They are Flash and Chip, her dog and her cat.
Part of the family, it is plain to see,
Both wonderful animals, I think you’ll agree.
Chris has been a Mason, since December 97,
He’s had some wonderful years, well, nearly eleven.
With HIS year coming to an end, he wont have to look,
Trying to learn his words, from the little blue book.
Except now and again, to a certain degree,
He’ll have to remember it all for next year, so he can prompt me.
I thank you for listening, and giving me time,
To stand in front of you all, and read you this rhyme.
So gentlemen be upstanding I ask if you please,
Or if you so desire, you could drop to your knees.
I hope you will join me, in raising a glass,
And give a bumper toast to our ladies, who are in a different class.