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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i request a rhyme to be written for me, or ask for specific details of the prices of rhymes ?

Simply email Rhyme Online at rhymequeries@yahoo.co.uk or click on the contact us section in the yellow bar above.

How long does it take for my rhyme to be written ?

The answer to this question depends on the length and type of rhyme required. The usual time period for a rhyme to be written is 24 hours from the time that payment is received. Speeches and Story Rhymes may take longer depending on the amount of information that is required to be included.

How do I pay for a rhyme ?

You can pay online using Paypal which is a secure money transfer service, using all major credit and debit cards. An invoice of your order will be emailed to you requesting payment upon receipt of your rhyme requirements. If you would rather pay by cheque, details will be given upon request.

How is the rhyme sent to me ?

The completed rhyme will be sent to you via email. At this moment in time Rhyme Online do not mount or frame completed rhymes but will be doing in the near future.

Remember, you are the client, it's your rhyme, so our work is not done until you are 100% satisfied with your finished rhyme.