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"Story Rhyme"

This client asked us to write a rhyme to mark the occasion of her long time friends diamond wedding anniversary.

Ode To A Lifetime.

From the moment we are born, there are choices to make,
Some which are good, but some a mistake.
But in everyoneís life, thereís that one special decision,
A moment of clarity, some call it a vision.
A vision of the future, and what it may bring,
Sixty years together, itís a wonderful thing.
Love is a powerful bond, if you know what I mean,
All you have to do, is look, at Alf and Eileen.
Sixty years together, never growing apart,
Now thatís what you call, an affair of the heart.
A diamond anniversary, now thatís rare indeed,
And if you should want one, hereís a few things youíll need.
Trust, Love and above all Respect,
Add these ingredients, and you could be next.
Next to enjoy, what life has to bring,
With your loved one, your best friend, the one who makes your heart sing.
So on March 25th, 2006,
Eileen and Alf, thatís 60 years of bliss.
A lifetime ago, from your first wedded kiss,
Back on March 25th, 1946.