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Wedding Invitation

An example of how to use a rhyme to ask for money as a wedding gift.
Its always hard to ask for money at the best of times, but using a rhyme to do it makes it seem a little more polite.

This rhyme has been written using information supplied by the client
such as dates and places etc.
(Permission kindly given by Natasha Labidi to display this rhyme)

Wedding Invitation Insert

Back on the 17th of January 2007,
Natasha and Hachem were married, in their own piece of heaven.
Tunisia the place, they became husband and wife,
Pledging themselves to each other, for the rest of their life.
Now renewing their vows, at The Olde Barn Hotel,
In front of family and friends, all wishing them well.
For every wedding, there is always "THE" list,
In one form or another, it always exists.
A list full of items for you to peruse,
To buy them a present, for their wedding, should you choose.
Well this happy couple are different indeed,
There is no usual list, as they have all they need.
But a gift you could give them, that would mean so much,
Is money or vouchers, their hearts this would touch.
The purpose for money, is to make their house, a home,
With so many jobs, it would be hard on their own.
A new kitchen and bathroom are needed you see,
Both worthwhile projects, I think youíll agree.
If buying some vouchers, was the option you chose,
They can be purchased from PEPPERMINT PHOTOGRAPHY, towards their wedding photos.
Your vouchers would help to capture their day,
On film, making memories, that donít go away.
But its your presence not your presents, that they hold most dear,
They look forward to seeing you and having you near.