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"Story Rhyme"

This client asked us to write a story rhyme on the occasion of her daughter leaving nursery.

Nursery Rhyme

To leave without saying something, would truly be a crime,
So please do read on, this Nursery Rhyme.
The place, Manor Nursery, where this story is told,
Where our daughter Meganís been, since she turned, two years old.
Thereís Lisa, and Hayley, they rule the land,
But lets not forget Diane, as she lends a hand.
Thereís Simon the music man, his Friday afternoons,
His songs and his dances, are better than cartoons.
You help all the children, to have a great day,
Hang their coat on their pegs, and put the fruit in their tray.
They have their own cups, there really is no waste,
With their own special toothbrush, and tube of toothpaste.
Youíve helped little Megan, form a social circle, or two,
With Holly, and Emily, to name but a few.
Thereís Joe, Eddie, Matthew, not forgetting Eleanor,
Also thereís Caitlyn, have we room for one more ?
The one of her friends that makes her most jolly,
Sheís Meganís best friend, and her name is Molly.
You teach all the children, to draw, paint, and bake,
And help them with their letters, when they make, a mistake.
You let them play out in the summer, wearing hats, and sun cream,
Or wellies and umbrellas, when thereís no sun to be seen.
You do so much for the children, always so actively,
Letting Megan play Mary, in the Nativity.
You throw parties at Christmas, the World Cup, Halloween,
Itís a shame England didnít do better, if you know what I mean !
I guess what we are saying, with this little rhyme,
Is a really big thank you, for all of the time.
You have spent helping Megan, through her early years,
You really do excel, at your, chosen careers.
You have filled Meganís life, with happiness, and fun,
It must make you happy, when you see what youíve done.
Now off to big school, is Meganís next deed,
Looking forward to seeing Sarah her teacher, and learning to read.
This rhyme now must end, Iím sure itís getting quite dark,
Megan might see you Lisa, and baby Lily, in the park.
Her time at Manor Nursery, we all wont forget,
From Lisa and Sean Holman, forever in your debt.