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"Story Rhyme"

This client asked us to write a story rhyme for her friends 50th Birthday.

Ruth`s Rhyme

Five years ago, back in 2001,
Teaching at Cirencester college, is where I met someone.
Someone in whom, I would find a good friend,
To socialise, to work with, on whom, one, can depend.
A woman who is happy, its so plain to see,
With her husband Jack, and large family.
Jack does a job, that really makes him cool,
Working in Cheltenham, at the Lido swimming pool.
Next year he will be 70, but heís not singing the blues,
Itís the liner Arcadia for you, the Canary Islands, on a cruise.
But its no small cabin, without a porthole, or view,
Itís a luxury suite, with a balcony or two.
A far cry away, from the usual place,
The 5 star Annabel Hotel, in Cyprus, you grace.
Every year, with good service, and food,
Reading by the pool, setting the mood.
A daughter, a son, a couple of step children too,
Six grandchildren in all, Christmas must be hectic for you!
But joking aside, I know how much your grandchildren mean,
And all the parties you throw for them, just have to be seen.
Thereís Easter egg hunts, and Christmas parties too,
With paddling pool parties, to name but a few.
You were born in London, that wasnít a curse,
And started your working life, as a nursery nurse.
So after having found, your own piece, of heaven,
Started your own nursery, in your house, in Devon.
Dedicated to the cause, in everything that you do,
A teacher you became, thatís how I met you.
You have a good business head, now thatís plain to see,
Training Packages Ltd, thatís your company.
Providing training to practitioners, you know it makes sense,
You have contracts in Prague, and with the Ministry Of Defence.
This rhyme just outlines, the last 50 years,
All the happiness and joy, the blood, sweat, and tears.
Half a century of giving, happiness to others.
From Nursery Managers, to stressed out young mothers.
On August the 6th, in this very year,
Itís a time for contemplation, for joy, and for cheer.
Wishing you many happy returns, on this, your, special day,
Leaving just one last thing, that I, have to say.

Happy 50th Birthday Ruth, From Debbie.