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This was a rhyme written for a man who wished to celebrate his girlfriends graduation. He supplied details that were to be included within the rhyme.

Ode To My Girlfriend The Graduate.

So this is an ode about the girl we all know,
University in Southampton is where she studied you know.
Moving from Cirencester, to a life away from home,
Cold, and scared, and very alone.
She spent all of her first year, in the place they call Halls,
A public prison, a bed and four walls.
Like all other students, money was tight,
“Should I spend it on books, or go out tonight ?“
A constant dilemma, with the voices inside,
Go out, stay in, it was hard to decide.
So drastic measures were needed, or funds would get tight,
What could she do, to better her plight ?
When one day she was cooking pasta, boiling on the hob,
It was time for that swear word, it was time for a JOB.
Looking for work, gave Laura a fever,
A job at a night-club was found, at Ikon and Diva.
Study by day, working at night,
Earning more money, ooh what delight.
Well the first year was up, and kicked out of Halls,
With nowhere to stay, it was time to make some calls.
Calling round to see houses, the best Southampton offered,
Some that she went to, she shouldn’t have bothered.
So finally finding a house, with three other souls,
The second year began, time to focus on her goals.
Study by day, working by night,
The year was nearly over, she could nearly see the light.
Assignment after assignment, with not really time to think,
The second year was over, in the time it took to blink.
Now the part of University, that really instils fear,
Its the three month long wait, that can turn people to beer.
Sitting at home, reflecting on what you have done,
You can’t really wait, for your, results to come.
Then on that day, the envelope in your hand,
You and your friends and every student in the land.
Rip it to bits to see what lies within,
Waiting too long to open it, would be a bit of a sin.
Well Laura did pass and made us all proud,
I think we all sang our praises, not quietly but out loud.
She’d done really well, even when things got tough,
She’d conquered University, taken the smooth with the rough.
So Laura has joined, the student Elite,
Out into the real world, she must now find her feet.
A daughter, a sister, a girlfriend a mate,
We are all proud of you Laura, for this moment we couldn’t wait.